The Wizard’s Chest

Oh my goodness! The wizard’s Chest was by far one of my most favorite places during our Colorado trip!

Two floors with endless shelves it seems. The top floor consisted of toys and costume supplies, as for the bottom it was an endless pit of tabletop games!

Of course I spent most of my time upstairs trying on costumes and playing with all of the little toys. Clearly I’m still a child at heart, but who isn’t? They had 3 or 4 racks of costumes, a TON of hats, beautiful mask, amazing wigs, and cosplay makeup/supplies.

All of the employees at the Wizard’s Chest was very welcoming and friendly. They enjoyed interacting with the costumers and gave feedback when needed whether that be while trying on costumes or needing help with the minor details of a cosplay. I also noticed even the other customers there interacted with each other. There was one point where Britt and I were messing around with each other and some lady joined in and took Britt’s side.

Overall I’d definitely recommend anyone to this shop. Anyone of any age for that matter. There’s stuff for everyone!

To watch our video review click on the link !




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